about_tap vol no. 2

This live performance was created by Thomas Marek in 2006. It included the use of photography and videography. The photography were shown in an exhibition at Kampnagel, Hamburg and Tanzhaus NRW.  This is the original press release:

"In his latest work, Hamburg tap dancer Thomas Marek stages six dancer personalities in their different artistic biographies and emotional references to the dance art of tap. In six insightful portraits, the dancers not only talk about their work, backgrounds and artistic development, but also provide insight into the history of tap dance.
Brenda Bufalino from New York, Sarah Petronio from Paris, Josh Hilberman from Boston, Leela Petronio from Paris, Pia Neises from Cologne and Thomas Marek himself create an episodically composed piece of contemporary history of tap dance between jazz and electronic music, funk, pop ballad and tango. 

In a mix of choreographies, improvisations, interviews, photographs, video and music, a live documentation is created that reveals itself through dance and its artists."

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